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one crazy night - What Does It Mean To Be A Black?

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December 22nd, 2003

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04:55 pm - one crazy night
alot happen yesterday... Bella and Me got into a huge fight over the same thing... Muggle borns! We got into trouble by Mum. Mum knows about Ted... she wants me to stop seeing him... and start seeing Rookwood! Gross... Then Cissa, Bella and I went to Diagon Alley where we saw Sirius with Marlene. Bella got into a fight with Sirius and Sirius burned her new teddy bear! Bella was very upset and kinda took it out on me... Well she said something Ted and I rammed her into the ground and hit her over and over again... she started choking me and everything went dark... I woke up to Sirius and Marlene standing over me... Bella broke my rib... Sirius also broke Bella's arm. A healer healed us both and I tried to stay away from her. I decided to go to the Leaky Cauldron to have a butterbeer. Bella came in after me and so did Regulus... Sirius got really drunk... Bella did too. I had to take Reg and Bella home and Bella said she loved me... I think it was the fire whiskey talking...

Current Mood: goodgood

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